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Getting More Out of Your Cannabis

Whether you are a beginner cannabis consumer, or an experienced connoisseur, everyone wants to get the most out of their cannabis. By using your cannabis efficiently and ensuring your body is properly aligned to absorb THC, you can reap the most benefits. This not...

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Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Flower

With the growing popularity of cannabis concentrates, oils, edibles and other products, it is important to remember that cannabis flower is still the most whole, full-spectrum cannabis offering on the market today. As concentrates tend to be boiled down to a pure...

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The Power of BC Bud

“BC Bud” is a phrase that is known worldwide to mean quality cannabis. It is a commonly accepted fact that British Columbia produces some of the best cannabis - in the world. But what is it that makes BC Bud the best? Short History of Cannabis in Canada The legacy of...

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